10 Best Decor For Betta Fish 2021 Consumer Reviews

Best Decor For Betta Fish

If you are like me who loves to decor his fish tank then you are at a right place as this article is outlining the best decor for betta fish.

Many people still assume that goldfish have a three-second memory. This is simply not true. Fish can recall up to 5 months, according to many research. Many betta fish enthusiasts who engage with their curious betta fish are aware of this.

Most of us claim that these intelligent fish identify and even beg for food from their guardians! Many of us offer betta fish with a decent habitat, but do we also provide them with a fun environment?  Many people get used to seeing bettas living in little containers with nothing to do, so this may come as a surprise. However, the truth remains that we should give them with some toys or other enjoyable stimuli.

However, before you go out and buy something for your betta, be sure that everything you’re putting in the tank is beta safe. That means no jagged edges or abrasive polymers that might leach poisons. So, what kind of décor is the most secure? I’m happy you inquired! Here’s a list of best decorations for betta fish tank below. That I discovered to be safe for my bettas.

When it comes to aquarium accessories, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider the following factors while choosing your decorations:

Your Aquarium’s Dimensions:

It’s no fun watching a lot of large, flashy embellishments if your tank looks cluttered and unattractive. It’ll be stressful for your fish as well if they don’t have enough area to roam about. When it comes to tiny aquariums, less is frequently more. It’s preferable to have one or two eye-catching decorations rather than multiples that leave your fish with little living area. If you’re having trouble deciding, pick a theme to follow in your design. By keeping to a certain theme, you may incorporate decorations such as buried ships and mermaid kingdoms, making it easy to pick accessories.

Aquarium Elements at the Correct Height:

Divide your aquarium into three sections: top, center, and base. Because fish devote the bulk of their time in one of these three regions, it’s critical to leave some room open in each. To fairly distribute the available space, it is best to have either one two tall things that rise back into the top zone (based on the scale of your tank) and two or three short items that are approximately an inch or two from the base of your aquarium. If your decorations have some type of structure, your fish will feel safer. You may include decorations and embellishments without making your fish feel awkward if you follow these guidelines.

Your Fish’s Coloration:

If you’re worried about disturbing the beauty of your tank, you may avoid it by paying attention to the color of your fish. Your decorations will either complement or conflict with the color of your fish. If you have a lot of light-colored fish, a dark substrate and drab ornaments will assist to balance out their colors. Against white gravel and pale decorations, vibrant, vivid fish pop against the monochromatic background, making the color of your fish explode. Plants that are green can also be useful.  


10 Best Decor For Betta Fish (Comparison Table)






Exotic Environments Mopani Wood with Silk Style Plants


Penn-Plax Hideaway Pipes Aquarium Decoration Realistic Look 


6 Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis)


Penn-Plax Air Action Aerating Ornament and Aquarium Decor 


Marina Betta Pink Orchid Aquarium Plastic Plant


Nickelodeon Spongebob Aquarium Ornament – Spongebob’s Pineapple House


CNZ 3 Pcs Assorted Lifelike Green Aquarium Plastic Plant Decoration


GloFish Barrels Ornament, Small


GloFish Castle Ornament for Aquarium


Exotic Environments Rock Tunnels with Silk Style Plants Aquarium Ornament

10 Best Decor For Betta Fish (Buying Guide)

1. Exotic Environments Mopani Wood with Silk Style Plants

Category: Best exotic style decoration for betta fish tank. 

Best exotic style decoration

The decorations of the Exotic Environment are handcrafted and accurately detailed and cast in a strong non-toxic poly resin which is safe to use in all the marine ecosystems.

  • Features: This Exotic Environment decorations have following features as follow:
  • Decorations for the exotic environment Mopani Wood plants in the Silk Style Real decoration of driftwood aquarium, 10 by 7 inches by 5 inches, small. Small.
  • To prevent damage, it is adequately insulated.
  • That’s the perfect tank size. The cave entry locations are the top right and bottom right ports.
  • Installation: Maintain your tank by planning it regularly with the utmost care. There’s no strong motivation to attach it properly; simply place it in the tank. 
  • Cleaning: It’s composed of wood and silk. As a result, it will not inebriate your water. It is not difficult to maintain the pH level. 
  • Easy to put in water
  • Real wood
  • Excellent hiding point for Betta
  • Silk plants.
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive

2. Penn-Plax Hideaway Pipes Aquarium Decoration Realistic Look

Category: best Hideaway Pipes for betta fish tank.

Deco-Replica Aquarium Decoration Hideaway Pipes Green Moss Texture for a Realistic Look. Most species of fish will prefer having their own space in an aquarium, especially territorial breeds such as Betta. For ghost or cherry shrimp, or crayfish, the hidden pipes are also a great idea.

  • Features: The Penn-Plax Hideaway Pipes Aquarium Decoration has following features:
  • Decorative Hideaway Pipes provide color and texture to your aquarium while also providing a hiding spot for fish. Three stacked hideaway pipes with realistic looking moss offer color and texture. Bright green moss gives your tank a distinctive look and matches the hue seen in nature. 
  • Installation: This aquarium ornament is made of safe, durable resin and may be used in both freshwater and saltwater tanks. 
  • Cleaning: You don’t need to clean this decoration as it is made from plastic resin.
  • Natural looking
  • Great hideout
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive
  • Plastic

3. 6 Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis)

Category: Best real plant for betta fish aquarium.

Best real plant for betta fish aquarium

Aquarium plants should be obtained from G’z. This is my 2nd order from them. Let me just say that they are the finest I’ve came across. They offer me with healthy plaints at a fair price. Nobody will ever make you happy if G’z would not. They ensure that the plants you get will be healthy. They will always have my endorsement and will be my primary source of purchases.

  • Features:  This Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis) has following features:
  • There can be no assurance of snails free from any aquatic vegetation. And everybody else tells you is lying. You cannot assure that an aquatic plant does not include snails. You often have the chance to locate a little snail or maybe eggs. Spray them with hydrogen peroxide before they are placed in your aquarium.
  • It is quite easy to cultivate water gingerbread. There might be roots even in a part floating on the water’s surface. Good lighting is also useful (nothing fancy but adequately lit). I have a decent number of wisterias which solely are fed by fish excrement and grow on gravel.   
  • Installation: They flourish in the tank. The stems of the substrate may either be buried or floated. In any event, they will develop rapidly. I am able to imagine these six plants progressively taking over the entire tank background.  
  • Cleaning: This was your most professional internet packaging ever. They are packed in an isolated case so that the plant is not crushed during transit. The plant was maintained moist when the roots were covered with wet foam and fastened with a flexible plant weight in plastic and packed into a sealed plastic sheet. The plants were blooming when they arrived.  
  • Great live plants.
  • Easy to put in the tank
  • You need to look out for algae
  • Non-toxic material
  • Packaging was good
  • Temperature should be maintained
  • Need to look out for algae

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4. Penn-Plax Air Action Aerating Ornament and Aquarium Decor

Category: best action figure air/ bubbler decoration for betta fish tank.

While aerating your tank, Penn Plax Action Air decorations provide motion, charm, and vitality to your aquatic habitat. The movement of the bubbles escaping from the diver’s helmet supplies much-needed air to your tank.    

  • Features: This Penn Plax Action Air decorations has following features:
  •  Hook the decoration to a standard 3/16 airline from your air pump (not supplied) and wait as the diver’s helmet fills with bubbles. If desired, alter the velocity and amount of air using your pressure control valve (not supplied).
  • Each Action Air ornament is composed of a long-lasting plastic resin that is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater / marine aquariums. Action Air decorations are fun to watch and enjoyable for everyone. They fit in virtually any tank and come in a number of types and sizes so you can keep adding to and customizing your aquatic design.
  • Installation: This Penn Plax Diver with Hose enjoys snorkeling and diving in aquariums. The fish will like swimming around it and interacting with it. The aquarium decoration comes to life with bubbles rising from the diver’s mask, which assist to oxygenate the tank. 
  • Cleaning: If you feel like your ornament has gone dirty than simply wipe it clean with tissue paper.
  • Easy to install
  • Cool ornament
  • Big and bushy
  • Easy to clean
  • Plasticky

5. Marina Betta Pink Orchid Aquarium Plastic Plant

Category: Best colourful plants for betta fish tank.

Best colourful plants for betta fish tank

 Marina Betta Kit Plastic Plants seem natural and does not deform in the water stream like actual plants. The bright colors will not fade over time and are completely safe for all aquarium inhabitants.   

  • Features: First of all, this Marina Betta Kit Plastic Plants is a silk plant for betta fish tank. It has following features:
  • There are no sharp edges where the fish may become entangled. It’s perfect for betta fish. They have a lot of fun hiding in there.
  • I must say, this is really amazing. It would also be excellent for even the smallest tanks. The colors are vibrant and look to be real. This aquarium plant will not let you down. For a more natural look, this is a great splash of colors that is considerably more visually pleasing than other cheesy-looking plants.  
  • Installation: Bending may occur during the bundling and circulation procedures. If time is of the essence, immerse the leaves in boiling water between 104- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit to restore them. However, if the roots come into touch with water, they may separate from the platform.  
  • Cleaning: The cleaning is easy. You may clean it with a little of water and soap.
  • Easy to clean with soapy water
  • Material is safe for betta fish
  • Base is ceramic
  • Gravel is not needed for installation
  • Pop of color
  • inexpensive
  • Distort easily

6. Nickelodeon Spongebob Aquarium Ornament – Spongebob’s Pineapple House

Category: Best spongebob ornament for betta fish tank.

Plants have been associated with love, energy, and purity since the dawn of time. They are a crowning element of beauty that exemplifies nature’s brilliance and may be found in people’s homes all around the world. Some people have live plants, while others have artificial plants. Seeing lovely plants, whether real or fake, inspires admiration and gratitude for their beauty.

  • Features: This has following amazing features such as:
  • Because the ornament is around 5 inches tall, it will fit into virtually any home fish tank. It’s made to be the perfect complement to any aquarium, no matter how big or little. Use your imagination! For lovers of the game, this item may be used as a centerpiece, cake topper, or paperweight.
  • Ornament has been thoroughly examined to ensure the safety of your fish, and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.
  • Installation: The ornament has a solid base, so you won’t have to worry about it drifting away after you’ve submerged it.
  • Cleaning: When cleaning up your tank, just wipe off and rinse out the ornament with warm water. Never use soap since the soap particles left behind might damage your fish. 
  • Great design
  • Clean and healthy
  • Good for other fishes
  • Big space
  • Cannot be cleaned

7. CNZ 3 Pcs Assorted Lifelike Green Aquarium Plastic Plant Decoration

Category: best assortment of plants for betta fish tank.

best assortment of plants for betta fish tank

The CNZ 3 Pcs Assorted Lifelike Green Aquarium Plastic Plant Decoration set includes two plastic plants and one silk plant. When you first take these out of the packaging, they have a strong plastic scent. Immerse them in water for at least 20 minutes before placing them in your tank, and then drain them.

  • Features: This has following features:
  • This set includes two plastic plants and one silk plant. The silk plant is quite fragile, yet it is an excellent way to illustrate continuous water supply. The bottoms are weighted to keep them in place.
  • These are lovely plants that are not made of the harsh, harsh plastic that is commonly seen. One of them is composed of a substance that resembles silicone. The bottoms have a solid feel to them. Trees and leaves are immobile.
  • Installation: The plants in this set have a substantial base, indicating that no rocks or other materials are required. All you have to do is put them in the tank, and they’ll relax. These plants also give cover for the bettas and a place for them to settle.
  • Cleaning: When you first take them out of the packaging, they have a strong plastic stench. Immerse them in water for at least twenty minutes before placing them in your aquarium, and then dry them. They’re fine except from that! This is ideal for a 10-gallon tank. Proposed fervent.
  • Natural
  • Every assortation of plants
  • Cheap
  • Heavy base
  • Two from the set has plastic smell

8. GloFish Barrels Ornament, Small

Category: Best GloFish Barrels Ornament for betta fish tank.

This is the cutest decoration I’ve ever seen for my betta! Arrived quickly and perfectly fits his little tank. I noticed that the paint on the interior of this ornament was flaking off when cleaning the tank yesterday. 

  • Features: It has following features:
  •  This little decoration is ideal for nearly any fish that enjoys hiding. The goal of decorations like this is to relieve tension, and this one accomplishes that by providing a perfect hiding spot for your fish.
  • The swim holes are ideally sized for tiny fish and may be combined with a variety of different ornaments to create a really unique look for your fish tank.   
  • Installation: GloFish bright fish and goods create a vibrant underwater environment. Small barrel ornaments are also available in a larger version.
  • Cleaning: The color scheme has a natural finish that will not fade over time and is appropriate for all aquarium inhabitants. It’s easy to keep this ornament clean on a daily basis.
  • Big holes
  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful
  • Inexpensive
  • Color might come off

9. GloFish Castle Ornament for Aquarium

Category: Best colorful ornament for betta fish tank.

Best colorful ornament for betta fish tank

GloFish has a wide range of vibrantly colored décor to complement your GloFish environment. These colorful plants, accessories, and gravel come in a wide range of forms, sizes, and shades, allowing you to completely personalize the appearance and feel of your aquarium.

  • Features: This GloFish Castle Ornament for Aquarium comes with all the amazing features such as:
  • This GloFish Castle Ornament will add a touch of class to any aquarium, allowing you to create an atmosphere that is tailored to your needs. Each GloFish Ornament serves as a perfect hiding spot for your GloFish, reducing stress.
  •  These ornaments include swim holes that are just the right size for your Betta, as well as a silvery finish that reflects GloFish LED lights, making them the ideal complement to any GloFish tank.  
  • Installation: This ornament is simple to set up. Simply soak it in the water and gravel is not required.    
  • Cleaning: This is the cutest decoration I’ve ever seen for my betta! Arrived quickly and perfectly fits his little tank. I noticed that the paint on the interior of this ornament was flaking off when cleaning the tank yesterday.   
  • Great for being fake
  • Attractive
  • For small fin betta
  • Easy to clean
  • Paint comes off
  • Cannot be used for large bettas

10. Exotic Environments Rock Tunnels with Silk Style Plants Aquarium Ornament

Category: Best wooden cave ornament with silk plant for betta tank.

Best wooden cave ornament with silk plant for betta tank

Rock-like tunnels decorated with flowery foliage give protection and cover for your live residents. The bent and twisted walls will add a natural look to any aquarium. Blue Ribbon Exotic Environments Silk-style plants in rock tunnels The measurements are 10 x 5 x 5 inches. Your living inhabitants are shielded and sheltered by rock-like tunnels adorned with lovely vegetation.

  • Features: This is Exotic Environments Rock Tunnels with Silk Style Plants Aquarium Ornament comes with all the amazing features such as:
  • There are no little areas where a pet can be captured, and there are no sharp edges. I think that the hole is too small to fit in with the turtle.
  • There are numerous of them at any time, and the fish like to swim through the log, follow one another or simply enjoy it. Mixing and matching various kinds is also feasible.
  • There are no hard borders, and it does not seem to be manufactured in contrast to many aquarium decorations. All holes can accommodate my adolescent mollies, and I’m confident other tiny and medium sized fish might fit too.   
  • Installation: These plants are available for re-doing in a variety of shadings, designs and sizes. The loaded installation is basically placed on top of sand or rock. To become a virtuoso.
  • Cleaning: It is less difficult to clean than a real aquatic plant.  
  • Easy to put in tank
  • Betta loves it
  • No sharp edges.
  • Silk plants
  • Expensive

Is it necessary for me to decorate my fish tank?

You do not even have to have any decorations in your fishbowl if you don’t want to! Decorations are simply decorative and have no impact on the longevity of your fish. Many owners, though, enjoy having decorations in their tanks because of how they appear.

The finest fish tank ornaments may be a fun way to design and personalize your fish tank so it makes an impression! There are many various kinds of decorations available that your aquarium may resemble almost anything you desire! They may also add to the beauty of your aquatic refuge, making it more enjoyable to look at. You might go for a more environmental theme with organic decorations, or a zany theme with a plethora of multicolored decorations in various styles, forms, and sizes. When it comes to fish tank décor, the sky is truly the limit, which is why they are so attractive.

NATURAL VS. NON-NATURAL: It is entirely up to you whether you use natural or non-natural decorations, and it has no impact on your fish’s life. It’ll be up to you to decide whether you want a more natural look for your tank or something a little more out there with unique structures and colors! Natural decorations, such as wood, plants, and gravel, will resemble a natural habitat, but non-natural decorations can be highly unique and catch the attention!  

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One of the most pleasant aspects of being a fish owner is selecting the greatest fish tank ornaments. You may make your tank entirely unique and let your creativity run wild with so many various styles of fish tank décor to select from. There are many various decorations out there so you can achieve the best habitat for your fish, whether you prefer a more natural look or a brilliantly coloured neon tank. Always double-check that the decorations are absolutely safe and non-toxic before using them on your fish.   


What are the varieties of betta fish decorations available?

Fish tank ornaments come in a wide variety of styles. Your fish may swim in and out of plastic plants, real plants, and ceramic caverns. Natural ornaments include driftwood, shells, and dead coral, as well as bubblers and fake coral. There is so much to select from, and when it comes to decorating, the sky is the limit! There’s even vibrantly colored fish tank gravel and pebbles to complement your tank’s theme.

Is it safe to put plastic toys in my fish tank?

In your fish tank, plastic is typically harmless, especially if the toy is constructed of non-toxic material. If the item is marked as food-safe, it is okay to use in your aquarium. Avoid using painted plastics and anything else that isn’t sealed and might leak hazardous chemicals into the water.


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