10 Best Filter Media For Turtle Tank 2022 Consumer Reviews

Best Filter Media For Turtle Tank

After you’ve fitted your system, you’ll face a new challenge: choose which filter media to put within it! Let’s have a look at these items and see which one is best filter media for turtle tank.

Keeping your aquatic pet turtle healthy necessitates regular tank care and upkeep. Keeping a supply of clean water is the most important element of caring for a thriving pet turtle. Even though the water is pure, it might have an impact on the turtle’s health in the aquarium. It is also in charge of nursing a variety of different illnesses that might affect your pet turtle.

So how would you maintain the water in the turtle tank clean on a regular basis? The system of filtration. The water in the tank goes through a filter that washes it while also removing solid waste from the turtle and other detritus. Filter, filter media, and a water supply connection are the components of a conventional filtration system. The filtering system’s primary duty is to keep the unwanted substances in the tank balanced. It is critical to maintain the aquarium’s water clean.

Studying about tank filters may be overwhelming, and that’s before you even start looking for the right piece of equipment for your aquarium.


We totally value the time of each consumer who is looking to purchase a new filter media so if you don’t want to go through the whole article and you are in hurry then don’t worry as we have provided these 3 top picks from the entire list which you can purchase blindly.

What are the many types of filter media and what do they do?

Let me just start by going through the different types of tank filtration media and what they’re used for.

Biological Media

Biological medium is, without a doubt, the most crucial. It would be impossible to keep aquariums alive without it.
Waste is produced by all fish and invertebrates. All of the feces and urine sinks to the bottom of the tank and accumulates in the substrate. I know, it’s disgusting, but it’s the truth. As the trash decomposes, ammonia (NH3), a very hazardous gas, is released. If left to its own devices, ammonia would build up until the water in your tank turned into a poisonous soup that would kill any fish or invertebrate that came into contact with it.This is when bio media enters the picture. In your filter, it functions as a “home” for helpful bacteria. The bacteria adhere to the bio media and begin reproducing, eventually forming a colony large enough to digest your fish waste.

Mechanical Media

Mechanical filtering is a straightforward process. All it does is catch swirling particles in the water. So sand, dead plant debris, uneaten food, and solid fish waste become trapped in the mechanical filtration medium.
This is fantastic since all of the junk floating around in the water column makes the tank seem filthy and unappealing. Once waste materials such as excrement, uneaten food, dust, organic material, and decaying plants build in a regular turtle tank, they can become a concern. The mechanical filter aids in the removal of a substantial portion of these body wastes, ensuring that the water and environment are safe for turtles.

Chemical Media

Chemical filter media’s objective is to eliminate contaminants from your tank water through a chemical process. Activated carbon is by far the most common chemical in filtering media, because it eliminates tannins and dissolved organic pollutants.
There is still a lot of discussion regarding if you should perform chemical filtration in your tank all or most of the time. Some individuals believe that chemical filtration should be used all of the time. Others believe that chemical filtration is only necessary at certain times, such as when there is an unanticipated ammonia rise or when removing medicines from the water.

10 Best Filter Media For Turtle Tank (Comparison Table)

Seachem Purigen Organic Filtration ResinSeachem Purigen Organic Filtration Resin
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Fluval Biomax Filter MediaFluval Biomax Filter Media


  • Helps reduce and control ammonia and nitrate
  • Replenish only half the filter media
  • Will not affect water characteristics
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Seachem Matrix Bio Media 1 LiterSeachem Matrix Bio Media 1 Liter
  • Age range description: all stages
  • Extreme surface area
  • No need to replace ever
Check Price
Marineland Rite-Size Cartridge C, 6-PackMarineland Rite-Size Cartridge C, 6-Pack
  • Chemically filtered through Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon.
Check Price
Diamond Media Premium Activated CarbonDiamond Media Premium Activated Carbon
  • Ideal for use in all aquarium filters
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EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter MediaEHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media
  • Made of highly porous artificial sintered glass material
  • Can be reused by lightly rinsing with aquarium water 
  • Provides longer intervals between required maintenance
  • For use in all EHEIM filters
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Fluval External Power Filter Pre-Filter MediaFluval External Power Filter Pre-Filter Media


  • Works to prevent clogging of finer filter modules
  • Helps reduce the replacement frequency of filter media
  • Ideal for medium and coarse filtration 
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Marineland Bio-Filter BallsMarineland Bio-Filter Balls
  • Contains 90 Marineland Bio-Filter Balls.
Check Price
Marineland Diamond Blend 23 OuncesMarineland Diamond Blend 23 Ounces
Check Price
CNZ Aquarium Filter Media KitsCNZ Aquarium Filter Media Kits
  • Removes odor, colors, organic pollutants
  • For freshwater or marine environments
  • Provides superior filtration 
  • Increase dissolved oxygen levels
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10 Best Filter Media For Turtle Tank (Buying Guide)

1. Seachem Purigen Organic Filtration Resin

Category: Best filter media for turtle tank made from unique polymer. 

Best filter media for turtle tank made from unique polymer

Purigen is made out of a one-of-a-kind polymer that traps trash and other pollutants in water. Because it absorbs a broader range of contaminants than carbon, it is better.

  • Features: This Pure Water Pebbles Natural Aquarium Gravel have following features as follow:
  • It’s the perfect filtration system for your turtle aquarium. It cleanses the water in the tank by acting as a non-synthetic scavenging resin. All soluble and insoluble contaminants are removed from the water by the superior synthetic absorbent.
  • The organic filtering resin absorbs excess nitrogen compounds in the tank, ensuring that the water is always pure. The filter eliminates nitrous organic wastes like nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia before they harm the turtle’s health and the health of other living creatures in the tank.    
  • Material: It is made from unique polymer.  
  • Cleaning: By just renewing the filter, you may reuse it numerous times without having to purchase a new one. When it is time to replace or recharge the filter, it turns a different color.
  • Natural looking
  • Unique polymer
  • Nominal price
  • No granules
  • Light weight.
  • Regular cleaning is necessary

2. Fluval Biomax Filter Media

Category: best bio filter media for turtle tank.

best bio filter media for turtle tank

Fluval Biomax Filter Media is an excellent way to keep your tank clean. It is constructed in such a way that the water appears to be as realistic as possible. It gives the inhabitants of the tank a sense of belonging. The pore system of this bio ring is intricate.    

  • Features: The Fluval Biomax Filter Media has following features:
  • It maintains a natural habitat within the tank, which aids the survival of beneficial microorganisms. This media allows water to flow freely through it, ensuring effective biological filtration. It collects trash to maintain the water’s components in balance. It also helps to the cleanliness and freshness of the water.   
  • Great capacity: The bio rings in this filter have a higher capacity than most of the other filter media. It can store a large amount of water at once. This improves the efficiency of the filtration process.
  • Material: Try taking a look at all these huge ceramic cylinders if you want the finest in bio-filtration! The hollow rings allow excellent aquatic bacteria to distribute throughout media and give a lot of purifying ability to your filter. They’re engineered to support healthy colonies of required aquatic bacteria.   
  • Cleaning: Although I prefer ceramic bio-media to plastic or glass, it is not necessarily appropriate in all cases. As ceramic ages, it gets more brittle, so be cautious when wiping the medium. To preserve the bacteria from chlorine and other contaminants from tap water, you will need to wash it with tank water. This is still one of the greatest bio-media on the marketplace, if not the best.  
  • Durable
  • Years of bio filtration
  • Work in HOB, sump, or canister filters
  • Easy to remove
  • Porous surface is ideal for bacteria growth
  • Harder to clean

3. Seachem Matrix Bio Media 1 Liter

Category: Best sump filter media for turtle tank.

Best sump filter media for turtle tank

It’s impossible that you have not yet heard about Seachem Matrix Biological Media. This filter medium has gained prominence as a result of its ability to capture dangerous bacteria and remove nitrates from aquarium water. That is, after all, what most filter media do. But what makes it deserving of a spot on the list? I recommend that you take a look at its features.  

  • Features: It has following features:
  • While the Seachem may be used in HOB and canister systems, it was developed specifically for tank sump filters. Tank water spends more time passing through the media while exposed to air in these slow trickle-style filtration, increasing the bio-effectiveness of the media.   Sadly, a HOB or canister filter will not provide the same level of quality.
  • Can you believe it will filter a lot of water? About 2 litters of goodies are included in the media container. They can filter around 400 US gallons of aquarium water.  
  • Material: Inert material is used to create Matrix biological filter medium. As a result, people prefer tiny stones that feel like stones in your hand. They’re really light, yet they won’t float away. 
  • Cleaning:  Apart from the annoyance occurrence of dark colored stones, I think this is a fantastic product. It also has a lengthy shelf life, and with frequent rinsing, it should potentially last indefinitely.
  • Can support both nitrifying as well as denitrifying bacteria
  • Small stones
  • Works best in sump filters
  • Can be used for years to come
  • Sometimes there are dark colored stones

4. Marineland Penguin Power Filter Rite-Size Cartridge

Category: Best gemstone creek gravel for betta tank.

Best gemstone creek gravel for betta tank

This Marineland Penguin Power Filter Rite-Size Cartridge is a high-quality item that meets the market’s highest requirements and expectations. It cleanses the tank water and offers a simple to follow method with no lengthy learning curve. 

  • Features: This is Marineland Penguin Power Filter Rite-Size Cartridge comes with all the amazing features such as:
  • Waste products, dirt, and water leaves are filtered chemically inside the cartridge for more better outcomes (Marineland Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon).    
  • Material: To make the cartridge sturdy and powerful for rigorous use, it has a double-thick layer of polyester-fiber components.
  • Cleaning: The cartridge controls the amount of activated carbon in the water, preventing an overflow and ensuring the best possible outcomes.    
  • Nontoxic and safe
  • Nominal price
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical as well as chemical filtration
  • Change of cartridge every month

5. Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon

Category: Best filter media for turtle tank that removes bad odor as well.

Best filter media for turtle tank that removes bad odor as well

MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon is a chemical filtering media that may be used in all types of water. If you have a freshwater or saltwater tank, this equipment will perform an excellent job of keeping the water perfectly clean.   

  • Features: This is MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon comes with all the amazing features such as:
  • The filter medium removes odors, avoids water quality degradation, eliminates harmful chemical build-ups, and preserves the perfect color of water.
  • Both freshwater and saltwater tank benefit from this product.
  • Most aquarium filters can accommodate the tiny granular form.     
  • Material: The premium activated carbon from Black Diamond is a carbon pellet that targets food and chemical residues in the aquarium.  
  • Cleaning: The chemical media, due to its small size (in the shape of pellets), removes all waste and harmful chemicals that contaminate the water and damage the turtle.    
  • Efficiently sized to fit into every filter
  • Inexpensive
  • Instant affect
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater tank
  • Limited use

6. EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media

Category: best sintered glass filter media for turtle tank.  

best sintered glass filter media for turtle tank

 When it comes to improved water filtration, Eheim biological filter media are good choices. And the Eheim Substrat Pro is the one you’ll need to increase bacteria colonisation by increasing water penetration. The best part is that this biofilter medium is inexpensive. Because of their great permeability, sintered glass media are regarded among of the best forms of bio media. This is especially true with the biological filter medium Eheim Substrat Pro.   

  • Features: This Eheim Substrat Pro decoration has following features:
  • Per gallon of media, these little (14″ or 6-10mm) pearl shaped sintered glass beads have a contact area of 1800 sq. ft.
  • It will help to maintain your water fresh by supporting a colony of denitrifying bacteria.    
  • One of the most important advantages of a porous biological filter medium like this is its capacity to capture and regulate microorganisms. At the same time, it promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms and improves the tank’s environment.
  • Material: This biological filter is made of German material. The beads were produced using the sintering technique and are a form of BFM material. Superfine particles are crushed in this technique to create them.    
  • Cleaning: This medium, according to Eheim, should be changed every 3-6 months. This assertion is most likely manufactured to increase media sales. You ought to be able to carefully clean and reuse this media several times with some care.  
  • Made with good quality glass
  • Increases the growth of bacteria
  • Can be used in all types of tanks
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive than other options

7. Fluval External Power Filter Pre-Filter Media

Category: Best hexagonal balls shape filter media for turtle tank.

Best hexagonal balls shape filter media for turtle tank

Solid waste is captured by Fluval Pre-Filter Media before it enters other media. This decreases the likelihood of media replacement by preventing early clogging of finer filters and extending their life.  

  • Features: This Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum comes with all the amazing features such as:
  •  The filter is well-known for its ability to keep tank water clean. For manually removing waste from the aquarium, ceramic media is the ideal choice. The tank water travels through a distinctive hexagonal form (full of rings).  
  • It also functions as a biological filter, with a ceramic surface that encourages the development of beneficial microorganisms. These bacteria aid in the regulation of nitrate and ammonia levels.   
  • Material: The Fluval Pre-Filter is made up of solid ceramic rings that catch large and medium solid particles.   
  • Cleaning: The simple yet efficient method keeps the media filter from clogging and, as a result, extends its life. You won’t have to worry about frequent modifications with it.  
  • Long lifespan
  • No chances of clogging
  • Easy to install and clean
  • It needs frequent cleaning

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8. Marineland Bio-Filter Balls

Category: Best filter media balls for turtle tank.

Other filtering methods are not the same as Marineland Bio-Filter Balls. Marineland PA11486 comes in a pack of 90 balls. The wide filtering area provided by these balls aids the development of BIO-Spira bacteria. The dirt floating about in the aquarium water is consumed by these bacteria.

  • Features: This has following amazing features such as:
  • A vast surface area is provided by the bio-balls. Filtration efficiency is increased as a result of this.
  • The Mainland PA11486 biological filter media system as a whole provides a natural approach by promoting the development of beneficial microorganisms. As a result, the tank remains clean throughout the operation.  
  • Material: Bio-filter balls from Marineland are black plastic balls with a sophisticated interior design. They’re made this way to provide bacteria the most surface area possible. Although this is accurate, they do not have the same amount of surface area as ceramic, pumice, or sintered glass media  
  • Cleaning: It can, however, thrive for a long time. In reality, only if they break, they have to be changed. One guy I know is using the same bio balls for over a decade! They’re also easier to maintain than a medium with a finer porous structure.    
  • Not dusty like other media
  • Nontoxic and healthy
  • Can survive a long time
  • Large surface area
  • Easy to lose in water

9. Diamond Blend 23 Ounces

Category: Best carbon zeolite filter media for turtle tank.

If you are seeking to decrease toxins in a turtle tank or with a lot of natural plants or delicate creatures, this premium media mix from Marineland is a great option.    

  • Features: It has following features:
  • It eliminates any discolorations or smells in your water by neutralizing ammonia and nitrates.
  • This chemical filter medium is effective at all degrees of tank water salinity.  
  • The product works twice as fast as standard filter material to keep the water in the aquarium clean.   
  • Material: It’s a combination of activated carbon and zeolite chips that filters twice as well. 
  • Cleaning: Aside from that issue, you should be aware that Estes gravel is reported to alter the pH of water. There are numerous tiny grains mixed in among the stones, making cleaning more difficult. Overall, this is my least preferred aquarium gravel option.
  • Ideal size
  • Fits in all types of filtration media
  • Neutralizes toxic material
  • Purifies water quickly
  • After continuous use water may turn milky

10. CNZ Aquarium Filter Media Kits

Category: best filter media in mesh bags for turtle tank.

With this CNZ, you have a lot of alternatives to select from. Because I was evaluating it in one of our bigger exterior canister filters, a Fluval FX6, I went with the six packages.

  • Features: This has following features:
  • When you wash them, they begin to degrade, and I discovered particles of charcoal floating in my aquarium water days after putting them in my filter.
  • While CNZ produces excellent ceramic media sets, I’m not so sure about the charcoal pellets. Those are all crushed into form, unlike the activated charcoal chips in the Marineland medium above.
  • Material: The above pre-filled bags of activated charcoal pellets might be the answer to your dilemma if you want to incorporate some chemical filtering to your filter but do not want to bother with measuring bulk media.  
  • Cleaning: The recyclable mesh bags make it simple to clean your charcoal and throw it directly into your filter, where it can filter out unwanted colors and aromas. 
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with filled mesh bags
  • Carbon pallets are difficult to clean
  • Disintegrate in water
  • Mesh bags are not durable.

How Do I Use Filtering Media? 

When it concerns to filter media, even among the three categories, there is a considerable degree of variation. Your filtration system’s ability to customize how you utilize the media you have selected will have a big impact on how you use it. It’s not usually straightforward or even practicable to alter affordable systems that employ pre-made inserts or cartridges in this manner. Apart from tank sump systems, most high-end internal and HOB filtration system enables for some customization, and canister filters, with their numerous media baskets, are the most adjustable.

Filter Stages Arrangement:

Under what order must the filter media be placed in the filter? The user handbook for your system will point you in the right direction, and you should follow their advice. Depends on the type of filtration system you’re using, putting media in the wrong position inside it might cause issues with its operation.

For example, using a tiny water cleaning pad in the first stage of a HOB filter might cause it to clog fast, forcing water to bypass the subsequent stages or reflux into your aquarium. For the initial step of debris filtration, coarse pads, sponges, and loose media perform well. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Use coarser mechanical filtering medium in the first stages to eliminate big debris and enable water to flow freely to the subsequent stages, particularly in HOB filters.
  • After the big debris has been extracted, chemical filtration medium is generally employed in conjunction with mechanical filtering or as a separate phase.
  • Later stages of fine mechanical filtering media are used in superior HOBs and most canister filters to clean the water and eliminate tiny granules. 
  • Once the water is purified and thoroughly oxygenated, biological filtering medium is best employed as a last stage. This will boost the bacteria’s detoxification abilities.

Filter Media Cleaning:

What is the best way to clean filter media? It is contingent on the kind. Filter pads, sponges, and pre-filter ceramic rings, for example, may be washed thoroughly under running water till clean, then reinstalled within your filter. This is something you can do each week to once a month, or anytime you clean you filter.

This, though, may destroy any beneficial aquatic microorganisms that are present. If you rinse your bio-media like way, the chlorine from the tap water will kill your bacterial colonies, and then you will loss all of your biofiltration. However, when using this sort of media appears muddy, carefully rinse it in a container with some tank water.


Don’t be fooled by the variety of filter media products; if you understand how things function and which ones perform best with your filter, choosing the right one is simple. You will have a number of choices between trademarked, pre-filled inserts and bulk media mixtures in most situations. The most important consideration when purchasing filter media for your turtle tank is your requirements. Price is also important since you cannot spend more than you can afford.

Choosing the lowest option, however, is not necessarily the best option. You want the filter that gives you the most bang for your buck. You’ll be in a great position of making that selection after learning about the many types of media filters and how they operate, as well as reading reliable evaluations of the best media filters for turtle tanks.  


Exactly what sort filter media should I use?

Filters for turtle tanks are typically the same as those used in fish aquariums. Special sponges, polyfill or fiberfill floss, activated charcoal, Bio Balls, ceramic rings, and lava rock are all common and easily accessible filtering media.  

Is it possible for me to turn off my turtle filter at night?

Turning off your tank filter every night is not a smart idea. The filter is critical to the health of your tank, and turning it off for long periods of time might cause difficulties.


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