10 Best Medicine For Dog Joint Pain 2022 Consumer Reviews

Best Medicine For Dog Joint Pain

There are a lot of products in the market for your dog so its very difficult to find out the best medicine for dog joint pain.

Many pet parents do not even grasp the need of glucosamine tablets until their pets are in their older years and displaying indications of joint discomfort and deterioration. This can emerge as hip stiffness when waking or bending down, a lack of energy and exercise, trouble ascending stairs or going into the car, or problem getting into the sofa or bed.

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body and aids in the formation and regeneration of cartilage. As dogs age, their bodies manufacture less glucosamine, causing joint cartilage to degenerate. However, glucosamine tablets given to an adult dog can help with mobility and comfort in older canines.  

Glucosamine hydrochloride is a naturally occurring substance that is a cartilage basic foundation and promotes cartilage development. Several well-controlled trials have shown that consuming oral glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulphate improved the condition of dogs with hip and elbow osteoarthritis. Pain ratings and weight-bearing exercises improved in the dogs. The reaction to supplements, on the other hand, took roughly two months to develop.   

Check for glucosamine hydrochloride (HCl) and chondroitin sulphate supplements, since these components function best when taken together. Glucosamine tablets come in a variety of forms, including chews and pills, powders, liquids, snacks, and everyday meals. It’s possible that you’ll have to test a few different sorts to discover the one that truly works for you and your pup. It is often a good idea to consult your veterinarian before adding a new supplement to your dog’s food. I have listed 10 best medicines for dog joint pain from which you can choose from.


Ingredients to Look for in Dog Joint Supplements

Now that I have listed the various supplements in detail below, let’s look at the major components and why they’re vital for your dog’s joint health.

Chondroitin Sulphate

Because it preserves cartilage, chondroitin sulphate is utilised in joint supplements. It accomplishes this by inhibiting the enzymes that help collagen. It is also claimed to aid in the repair of past joint injury in your dog.

Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable (ASUs)

Dogs enjoy running, jumping, leaping, and playing. All of this activity might make your dog extremely happy, but it can also put them in danger. When they are injured and may require surgery, they are frequently prescribed a joint supplement to prevent scar tissue or arthritis from forming (or worsening) in the future.

ASUs preserve cartilage by decreasing inflammation and speeding up the healing process once it has been damaged. This makes it suitable for dogs that have just been wounded and want assistance in preserving and growing new cartilage. End-stage osteoarthritis dogs do not require treatment because much of their cartilage has already been lost.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Glucosamine is the most common component in joint supplements. Glucosamine hydrochloride is a natural substance that soothes your dog’s joints and is present in its cartilage. Their levels tend to drop in susceptible dogs and canines as they age. That is why it is critical to return it to them in capsule form. Supplements containing glucosamine hydrochloride are made either biologically from shells or synthesized in a laboratory. It’s also claimed to help with osteoarthritis development.


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a found naturally and is a dietary supplement found in dairy products, fruits, and veggies. It functions as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and collagen-producing agent. It’s frequently used with glucosamine supplements to speed up absorption while retaining your pet comfy.  

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)

Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to many different regions of your dog’s body. They also assist to lubricate joints while also reducing inflammation. They are also beneficial to your dog’s skin, haircoat, heart, and kidneys. Fish or krill oil are high in omega-3 fatty acids and are typically extremely delicious to your pet.  

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10 Best Medicine For Dog Joint Pain (Comparison Table)






Nutri-Vet Asprin Chewables for Large Dogs


Happy Hips Grain Free Jerky Dog Treats 


NODENS Small Dog Hip and Joint Liquid Glucosamine


Free Form Snip Tips Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid Supplement


Vet’s Best Aspirin Free Aches + Pains Dog Supplement 


Herbsmith Sound Dog Viscosity


ProSense Advanced Strength for Dogs Glucosamine Chew Tablets 120 CT


LIQUIDHEALTH K9 Glucosamine Joint Supplement 


Trader Joe's Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs


Cosequin DS Plus MSM Professional Line for Dogs

10 Best Medicine For Dog Joint Pain (Buying Guide)

1. Nutri-Vet Asprin Chewables for Large Dogs

Category: Best liver-flavoured aspirin for dogs with joint pain.   

Best liver-flavoured aspirin for dogs with joint pain

A dog supplement has been created by Nutri-Vet Wellness, a pet product brand produced in the United States, to assist alleviate pain in arthritic dogs and enhance their quality of life. Nutri-Vet K-9 Aspirin is a specifically prepared aspirin for dogs that provides brief pain relief. Each of the 75 chewable liver-flavored aspirin pills in a container provides 300 milligrams of aspirin.

  • Features: This is for dogs suffering from joint discomfort, Nutri-Vet Asprin Chewables for Large is filled with veterinarian-approved ingredients.
  • Dog owners are pleased to report that Nutri-Vet K-9 Asprin makes their dogs more bouncy than their previous NSAID medication for arthritis.
  • Their canines were able to go up and down flights of stairs they had previously avoided after only a few weeks on this bone and joint supplement. Pet owners report that when their dogs are ordered to get up for a stroll, they respond with eager yelps rather than dejected moans. 
  • Ingredient: Per pill, there are the following active ingredients: 300 mg aspirin (min) Calcium carbonate, Beef Liver Powder, Maltodextrin, Whey Powder, Microcrystaline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate are all inactive components.  
  • Flavour: Giving these liver-flavoured pills to dogs is practically simple since they see them as a reward.
  • Dogs loves it
  • Forms new muscle
  • Digestible
  • Promotes healthy cartilage
  • Not suitable for all breeds
  • Expensive

2. Happy Hips Grain Free Jerky Dog Treats

Category: Best grain free medicine for dogs joint pain.

Best grain free medicine for dogs joint pain.

Some glucosamine supplements are pricey, and there’s always the risk that your dog will reject them due to a bad odour. Happy Hips Chicken Jerky is both inexpensive (about $0.75/ounce) and well-liked by dogs, according to consumers.   

  • Features:  It is Happy Hips Chicken Jerky for Dogs comes with following features:
  •  Happy Hips snacks are rich in proteins, manufactured from antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken sourced in the United States, to help seniors maintain and strengthen the muscles throughout their full lives.   
  • They’re also low in fat, which helps to avoid weight gain, which can put further strain on aching joints.
  • Happy Hips are grain-free, and these supplements are safe for dogs with corn or wheat allergies.
  • Ingredients: Happy Hips Duck Jerky is a high-quality protein treat made with genuine duck farmed without antibiotics or steroids in Europe. They even include glucosamine and chondroitin, which help to maintain joint health.
  • Flavour: As an added benefit, dogs enjoy the taste, making it simple to get a regular intake into even the savviest eaters. Duck Happy Hips with additional chicken hearts and liver is also available.
  • Good taste
  • Main ingredient is chicken
  • Grain free
  • Pet friends love it
  • Helps dog to be active
  • No animal by-product added in it
  • Gets hard to chew

3. NODENS Small Dog Hip and Joint Liquid Glucosamine

Category: best liquid medication for small dogs with joint pain

best liquid medication for small dogs with joint pain

Because most medicines come in dosages for dogs of various sizes, you may only need to give your little dog a quarter of a chew or treat. By utilizing a liquid made particularly for dosing tiny dogs, you can eliminate the uncertainty and obtain the exact amount you need. Nodens Small Dog Hip & Joint Supplement is a great choice.  

  • Features: This Nodens Small Dog Hip & Joint Supplement is especially made for both puppies and small dogs. It has following clear benefits: 
  • On the components list on the label, you may see the term “USP.” That implies the components are produced to meet or surpass the Food and Drug Administration’s United States Pharmacopeia requirements for human and animal nutrition.  
  • Even though most MSM is derived from China, Nodens claims that theirs is of the greatest purity and originates from American sources.  
  • Ingredients: One 2 ounces dose should last a 10-pound dog around two months and is made in the United States. It contains MSM and HA.   
  • Flavour: The regular intake of beef-flavoured medication is calculated based on the dog’s bodyweight and can be administered directly into their mouth or drizzled over their meal.
  • Easily digestible
  • Quick results on arthritis
  • Small dogs
  • Beef flavoured
  • Fast absorption
  • For dogs with specific medical problems, this product may not be suitable.

4. Free Form Snip Tips Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid Supplement

Category: Best omega-3 fatty acid medication for dogs with joint pain

Best omega-3 fatty acid medication for dogs with joint pain

Gel capsules can be deployed in a number of ways. You may either feed it to your dog whole or break it open and use it as a drink. If you’re searching for a capsule, Bayer’s Free Form Snip Tip Supplement is a wonderful option. It has a high dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, which means you can obtain the same results with less doses.   

  • Features: This has bone shape. It has:
  • The capsule allows for variable dosage, allowing you to provide according to your schedule and lifestyle.
  • The pill has the Quality Seal of the National Animal Supplement Council.
  • Free Form Omega-3 fish oil for big and medium dogs can help to support your dog’s delicate skin, eyes, joints, brain, heart, and renal function. 
  • Ingredients: Each capsule includes valuable Omega-3 fatty acids that are designed for quick absorption and have greater amounts of EPA and DHA than other fish oil supplements. Anchovies with a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids are evaluated for quality and safety by scanning for germs, fungus, and metals.
  • Flavour: It has a natural fish flavour that every dog enjoys.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Ingredients that are great for joints, skin, heart and kidney
  • Great for medium and large
  • Direct intake
  • Capsule can burst open

5. Vet’s Best Aspirin Free Aches + Pains Dog Supplement

Category: best pain relieving medicine for dogs with joint pain.   

If you want to avoid using aspirin to treat your dog’s pains and aches, Vet’s Best pills are probably your best choice.

  • Features: It has following amazing feature:
  • Salicin, an anti-inflammatory compound found in willow, is the most common source. Bromelain is a natural pain reliever for muscles and joints.
  • Yucca helps to relieve arthritic pain and strengthens the immune system. This fantastic product is produced in the United States and comes in easy-to-chew tablet form.
  • Ingredients: It’s created with natural components including white willow bark, bromelain, and yucca, as well as glucosamine HCL and MSM.
  • Flavour: It tastes delicious. Furthermore, some Amazon reviewers state that their dog enjoys the flavour and misidentifies the vitamin as a reward.
  • Supplement eases pain
  • Natural ingredient
  • Made in USA
  • Yummy taste
  • Not for small breeds

6. Herbsmith Sound Dog Viscosity

Category: Best powdered medication for dogs with joint pain. 

Giving your dog vitamins in the form of a powder may be a simple process. Powders are typically well absorbed, so you can scatter it on their food. Herbsmith Sound Dog Viscosity Advanced Joint Support has a potent combination of herbs that help to maintain healthy joints while also decreasing inflammation and pain.

  • Features: First of all, this has an unusual shape and many more features such as:
  • Dehydrocorybulbine (DHCB), one of the active ingredients in corydalis, has been demonstrated in laboratory tests in mice to be beneficial against acute inflammation and injury-related neuropathic pain. DHCB does not repair the joint, but it works in the same manner that certain prescription medicines do: it inhibits pain signals from entering the brain.
  • This medication, like Nutriline Flex-EZ, contains MSM, Boswellia, and curcumin, which support healthy joint function and decrease stiffness.
  • Ingredients: This powder contains corydalis, herb that is being used as a pain reliever in traditional Chinese medicine for generations, in addition to the high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Flavour: While the yucca herb is poisonous to dogs, the yucca root in this supplement has been shown to help with swelling, inflammation, and digestion.  
  • Powdered medication
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • MSM medication
  • Contain vitamins
  • Some dogs don’t like it

7. ProSense Advanced Strength for Dogs Glucosamine Chew Tablets 120 CT

Category: Best vitamin-c medication for dogs with joint pain.

Best vitamin-c medication for dogs with joint pain

I realized that most of you would go to any length to maintain your puppy in good health, but occasionally financial constraints prevent you from doing so. It goes without saying that finding a supplement that is both effective and cost-efficient is critical. Prosense Advanced Dog Joint Solutions is a wonderful alternative for keeping your dog’s joints lubricated while staying within your budget.

  • Features: This is Prosense Advanced Dog Joint Solutions with all the amazing features such as:
  • ProSense(R) Regular Strength Glucosamine Tablets are safe for dogs of all sizes and may be used on a daily basis. Each tablet contains Glucosamine and Vitamin C to aid in the maintenance of healthy joints and hips.
  • The NASC Quality Seal on an animal health supplement indicates to customers that the medicine originates from a legitimate company that has passed an independent quality assessment.
  • Ingredients: Each pill of ProSense Joint Solutions Advanced Strength Glucosamine Tablets contains 650 mg of glucosamine, 200 mg of chondroitin, and 100 mg of MSM. Our high-potency solution is safe for dogs of all sizes and breeds to use on a daily basis.
  • Flavour: It has no taste. 
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vitamin-C
  • NASC quality seal
  • Dogs does not like taste

8. LIQUIDHEALTH K9 Glucosamine Joint Supplement

Category: best MSM supplement medication for dogs with joint pain.

If your pet isn’t a chow hound and inspects and smells his food before consuming it, liquid may well be the best option. The majority of liquids come with pumps to make it easier to deliver it directly into their diet. Original K9 Glucosamine Dog Supplement by Liquid Health Pets is a wonderful choice that you can pour over your dog’s food like a skilled chef.

  • Features: This has a minimal design and following feature:
  1. All dog breeds are able to absorb the liquid solution easily.
  2. It is sugar-free and manufactured in the United States.
  3. Refrigeration is required.
  4. Owners must remember to keep this medication out of direct sunlight.
  5. Owners may be put off by the overwhelming fish stench.
  6. Ingredients: It also includes hyaluronic acid, which gives your dog’s joints an extra burst of lubrication. 
  7. Flavour: It has bad tastes and overwhelming fish smell.
  • HA for joint lubrication
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Unlikely to upset stomach
  • Sugar free
  • For every type of animal
  • Bad taste and smell
  • Refrigeration is necessary

9. Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs

Category: best glucosamine pills for dogs with joint pain.

If you’re searching for a decent glucosamine supplement for your dog, one choice is Trader Joe’s, which is recognised for offering high-quality ingredients that promote a dog’s health.

  • Features: It looks like a regular chew but has many features such as:
  • The primary goal of these tablets is to give daily assistance for a dog’s cartilage growth and joint-related requirements.
  • Ingredients:  Each container contains 100 tablets, and it is advised that a dog be given half a pill every 20 pounds of weight. These chewable pills should be given to your dog twice a day. In about 4 to 6 weeks, you will witness a good effect.
  • Flavour: It has liver flavour.  
  • Ensure strong
  • Relieves pain instantly
  • Dog loves it.
  • Liver flavour
  • Expensive
  • Includes some chemicals

10. Cosequin DS Plus MSM Professional Line for Dogs

Category: best chicken flavoured medication for dogs with joint pain.

Category: best chicken flavoured medication for dogs with joint pain.

We should constantly provide our dogs the correct quantity of vitamins and minerals, whether they are tiny or huge breeds, active or easy going, to guarantee they live a long and happy life. Giving them the appropriate vitamins should provide them with the extra boost they require, allowing you to spend more time together.

As a result of the increased demand, numerous firms have attempted to give a solution by developing chewable supplements to help individuals age gracefully. Here, I look into one such alternative, Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength Joint Supplements, and go over what goes into producing them, how beneficial they are for your canines, how much you should give them, and whether there are any major negative affects to providing them to your pets.

  • Features: It looks like a regular chew but has many features such as:
  • The Cosequin Maximum Strength Joint Supplement is designed to aid in the improvement of your pet’s mobility and joints.
  • It promotes cartilage growth and protects existing cartilage from deterioration. Adult dogs of all kinds and sizes benefit from Cosequin Joint Supplements, which are safe, efficacious, and bioavailable.
  • Ingredients:  FCHG49 Glucosamine Hydrochloride, TRH122 Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM are all found in Cosequin DS Plus MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). This blend of substances protects your dog’s joints while also promoting healthy cartilage matrix development.
  • Flavour: To assist your dog maintain good joints and improve joint mobility, Cosequin for dogs is offered in a delicious chicken-flavoured digestible tablet.
  • Nominal price
  • Great source of protein
  • Poultry taste
  • Digestible
  • Bad for some dogs.

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What to look for in Medicine for Dog Joint Pain? 

Visit your veterinarian about the above medication before giving your dog any naturally derived dog joint supplements:

Method of delivery:

Glucosamine supplements are available in a number of forms. The most popular tend to be soft chews and jerky snacks. Powders, liquids, chewable pills, and meals are also available. Using chews or treats to ensure your dog receives their complete amount each day may be simpler, but be careful to accumulate information before you buy because some fussy eaters will turn their nose in the air at chew pills.

Liquids and powders can be mixed into your pet’s food and are usually well-absorbed by his digestive system. This form of delivery works well for dogs that consume all of their food on a daily basis, but it may be less successful for dogs who don’t complete their meals.


The terms glucosamine hydrochloride and glucosamine sulphate are not interchangeable. Although the sulphate is better absorbed by the body, there is no indication that it appears in joint tissues following oral administration. As a result, utilise glucosamine hydrochloride-containing products. Giving your pet a medication that simply does not work where it’s required makes no sense. Chondroitin is indeed a supplement that works by blocking cartilage-destroying proteins and is found in most joint remedies. When taken combined, glucosamine HCl and chondroitin seem to have a synergistic impact and have been found to reduce redness and swelling.


It is essential to conduct thorough study before selecting a supplement. Reading about the components, discussing your dog’s health, and communicating with your veterinarian are all good methods to be sure your dog is getting the finest joint supplement. You should always choose a recognized and trustworthy brand. Always double-check your ingredients, the amount of each item, and that you’re buying from a legitimate website. Supplements that are fraudulent are available, especially when purchased over the internet. Asking for advice from your doctor and checking ingredients and costs are the best ways of avoiding this.


What is the best way to tell if your dog requires joint supplements?

Supplements should ideally be taken long before you notice any indications of joint deterioration. Chondroprotective medications should be begun as soon as feasible in any big breed dog or dog that is susceptible to osteoarthritis. Dogs as little as eight weeks old can be given them. Consumption of supplements is also beneficial for dogs who have been detected with early osteoarthritis. Athletic dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis are administered glucosamine supplements to relieve pain and slow joint cartilage degradation.

Is it necessary to see a veterinarian before administering glucosamine to your dog?

While glucosamine supplementation is typically safe for dogs, it’s a good idea to consult with your vet about which products include the right sort of supplements and how much to give your dog. The nutraceutical market [foods containing vitamin and medical additives] is saturated with goods, and finding the proper supplements for your pet might be difficult.


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