Detailed Guide on How To Apply Cat Nail Caps 2022

How To Apply Cat Nail Caps

Its always so adorable to see your cat with beautiful caps, but how to apply cat nail caps? Don’t worry as this guide will help you.

Scratching is something that cats do. It’s what they’re good at.

While we like our cats, we despise having furniture that looks like it has been shredded. So, what’s a cat lover to do? These days, there’s a lot of debate over declawing, and pet parents are looking for more compassionate solutions for their cats. Adhesive nail caps are one option that is increasing in favor.

Nail caps have a devoted following of delighted pet owners who tout them as a safe, non-toxic solution to halt excessive clawing.  Do they, however, truly work? Do they appear to be at ease? Is it worthwhile to put out the effort? We conducted some research and found the answers. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cat nail caps is present in this blog.  

To correctly apply cat nail caps, you must follow a step-by-step procedure. This includes training the cat to stand still for a minute with her nails extended, selecting the appropriate nail caps, and learning how to trim a cat’s nails. It’s also important to know how much adhesive to apply in order to avoid any issues while removing the nail caps. Most of all, you’ll need a lot of patience.

Detailed Guide on How To Apply Cat Nail Caps

7 Easy Steps in Applying Cat nail Caps!!

First and foremost, if you haven’t determined whether or not nail caps are appropriate for your cat, this article will assist you in making an informed decision. The instructions below will walk you through every element of applying cat nail caps and will teach you how to do it correctly and safely. Bear in mind that how well your cat conducts and how comfortable you are with putting cat nail caps will affect the application process. The complete procedure should take no more than 15-20 minutes. This is how it’s done.

Step one: Teach Your Cat to Become Used to Being Still

Before you buy the nail caps, work on getting your cat acclimated to holding still with her nails extended for at least a week. After that, move on to the next stage. When it comes to putting (and removing) the nail caps, this will make things a lot easier. Some cats may object to having their paws held, while others may allow you to do so. Begin by softly stroking the paws with one finger, then progressively grasp the full paw once your cat has become accustomed to the contact.

Step two: Your Cat’s Claws Should Be Trimmed

This is a crucial procedure that you must repeat each time you apply fresh claw caps to your cat. Any cat nail clippers, such as guillotine or scissors, would suffice. Get your cat in a comfortable posture and begin cutting her nails once you have the clippers.

You should cut your nails somewhat longer than usual before putting cat nail caps. This is a step that kittens can skip. Start by cutting just a few nails at a time if your cat isn’t a lover of nail trimming. If you are unsure about cutting your cat’s nails at home, take her to a veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Step three: Purchase the Proper Size of Nail Caps

Cat nail caps are available in a variety of sizes to suit kittens, small, medium, and big cats. Find the correct size nail caps for your cat based on her weight. Most medium-sized cats will require medium-sized nail caps. If you want, you may even pick the color of the nail caps. If you’ve never used nail coverings before, transparent nail caps are the way to go. They are simpler to apply for and are a better choice for your first few applications.

Step four: Make sure everything is in prepared

Now that you’ve chosen the best cat nail caps for your feline companion, double-check that you have everything you require. There are a variety of nail cap brands available, each with its own set of features. However, they should all include the following:

Nail caps and adhesiveCheck for them and make sure they’re in good shape and ready to use.
Handbook of instructionsRead the instruction handbook as well. It might include instructions on how to apply cat nail caps from the manufacturer.
Cat’s favorite treatsMake sure you have your cats favorite treat ready. It will help him to distract while putting on the nail cap.

Step five: Request for support (if needed)

Now though, you should have a good notion whether you truly need help with this. If you have assistance, it will be much simpler, especially if this is your first-time applying nail coverings to your cat. So, seek a friend or family member that your cat trusts and is at ease with. Pet and praise the cat throughout the procedure to help her calm. Because cats can sense our emotions and moods, it’s critical that you and your assistant remain calm and supportive during the procedure.

Step six: Begin putting the nail caps on

Take a nail cap and squeeze the aperture carefully. It will be easier to insert the adhesive if you do this. Then carefully squeeze the glue into the nail cap until it fills up 1/3 of the way. Make sure you only fill one nail cap at a time to avoid the adhesive drying out. Squeeze it gently once more to spread the glue evenly and expel any air bubbles.

Remove any excess adhesive with a paper towel. With your other hand, gently squeeze your cat’s paw with your thumb and index finger until her claws are visible. Slide the glue-filled nail cover onto the extended claw gently. Carry on with the procedure for the remaining claws. After you’ve finished, keep an eye on the cat for a few minutes before releasing her. This will allow the glue to fully cure and prevent the nail tops from coming off too soon.

Step seven: Reward and Praise Your Cat

Now it’s only a matter of rewarding your kitty with her favorite goodies! You may also use goodies to entice and distract your cat while applying nail caps. Speak to the cat in a gentle and calm tone. It will make her feel more at ease after (and during) the application of the nail caps. After all, the easier it is to apply (and keep on) the nail caps the calmer your cat is.

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Is it safe for cats to wear nail caps?

Yes, says Mary Molloy, an animal behavior consultant and the creator of Nirvana Tails in New York City. “[The caps] do not restrict the cat from extending his claw, and they do not cause any discomfort or harm to the claw bed if correctly applied,” she says.

With the caps on, your cat’s nails will keep on growing normally, and he will be able to stretch and retract his nails. Nail caps leave cats vulnerable by removing their major defense mechanism, which is a genuine point raised by critics. Manufacturers agree, which is why most nail caps come with a warning indicating that they aren’t meant for outdoor cats.  It should only be used on cats that are kept inside.

Do cats have a problem with nail caps?

So, they’re safe, but how pleasant are nail caps? It is determined by the cat. Some cats will adjust to the new bling on their paws with ease. It may take a few days for some cats to acclimatize. Some cats, on the other hand, will never warm up to the covers. “It is typical for a cat to fuss at them for the first couple of applications, as they do with anything new,” Molloy adds. It may take a few days for your cat to become accustomed to the nail caps, so be patient. The hats may pique their interest or perplex them. They may be bitten or fussed with by your cat. Give it some time; it’ll only take a little getting used to.

Final thoughts on it:  

Although putting cat nail caps appears to be a difficult task, it is actually rather simple. In reality, owing to the potential of harm to the cat, cutting the cat’s nails is the most difficult aspect for most individuals. However, after you’ve applied nail caps in the manner indicated above, they’re both safe and effective at preventing excessive scratching.

Knowing how to correctly apply cat nail caps can help you teach your cat to scratch on a scratching post. It will protect your house from damage, and you will no longer have to be concerned about scratch marks on your hands. You’ll also save money on bandages. I hope this blog has clarified how to properly apply cat nail caps. Have you ever tried to cover your cat’s nails with nail caps? How did it turn out? Was your cat cooperative, or did she put up a fight? Please feel free to share your story.


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